GRUNGE-Transatlantic Trend

Although this sub-culture's roots are in Seattle, it still had an impact on what was happening in the UK during the early 90's. This disheveled aesthetic was passed onto the UK under the name of "Heroin Chic", characterized by the heavy use of Heroin in the early 90's. Users include grunge idols Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love who famously admitted to having this addiction. The public accepting this made the confession almost "fashionable". Being pale with sunken eyes then became a "look", a juxtapose to the glamourzonian models of the late 80's. This became a trademark look for a young waif-like Kate Moss in the UK, being thrown into the limelight by realist fashion photographer Corrine Day. Day was heavily criticized for  glamorizing drug use and anorexia at this time.

The breakthrough of independent music with bands such as Nirvana changed the music scene of the 1990s.  Seattle was nicknamed "the new Liverpool", leaving the UK behind in the music popularity race. Britain was heavily into the Britpop scene at this time although some bands such as Headswim managed to make UK grunge waves of their own.