GRUNGE- group opinions

"Grunge is something which i have always been well aware of due to my dad's love for Nirvana and the way that he would play me their music when i was younger and i never really took it nor did i really understand. As i've got older i've watched grunge fashion cross over into the mainstream and the highstreet and more recently a lot of the elements of grunge have been embraced by modern hipsters - turning a dirty unpolished expression of angst into a stylish and slightly pretencious statement about fashion, social standing and lifestyle and, personally, it's something i want to fully embrace and love to see out on the streets." Tahlia

To be honest this is the first time I have sat down and listened to any sort of grunge music and to be honest im not the biggest fan. Although I am not a fan of the grunge music I find the history of grunge interesting the fashion also. The fashion of checked shirts, ripped jeans and the cant be bothered look is a popular look and I was unaware after seeing this in the street numerous times that it linked to the grunge sub culture. So after researching grunge I feel I have learnt a great deal about a sub culture I knew existed but knew nothing about." Rebecca.

'When I was a kid, my sister and my brother listened to bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Screeming Trees, they had the whole grunge look and I've been influence by it all my life because of this. It was easy for me to distinguish a grunge from another style but I never kind of knew why. This project helped me to know more about the history of grunge, the music, and the style." Lucia

"the grunge sub-culture has always been interesting to me, stemming mainly from the music after being introduced to Nirvana by a friend a while back. I've always had a rough understanding of the fashion that accompanies the scene but this project has led me to learn further how it influences the fashion industry in a big way. Having leading designers such as Marc Jacobs creating pieces which fit in with the scene is really interesting to me and the people within this group consider themselves anti-fashion. Some of my style icons such has Mary-Kate Olsen and Alice Dellal have also been associated with the grunge scene too which may explain my attraction to it. I'm looking forward to seeing how this sub-culture still fits in in 2011 and especially in london." Kerry

"I really love the way that people wear their clothes and how they look like..Also I can say that the history of grunge is really interesting and the history of fashion too.But to tell you the truth I don't like this kind of music so much, I like Nirvana but I am not so big fun of them..Through the years I can see that some designers they are still using these kind of style and mixing their clothes even in the fashion shows.Finally I believe that sometimes I do use some of their fashion tips and mix it with my style..However, in general I like grunge and I find it really interesting as a subculture.." Joanna

"I have never heard about GRUNGE subculture before researching it for a Generic Fashion project.
It was very interesting to know something new for me for example that inspirators of that subculture were Nirvana and vocalist Kurt Cobain, bands Sonic Youth and L7. That Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein also using that style in their works. After the research I understood one thing that GRUNGE is returning now and lots and lots of young teenagers who like a new rebel style comparing it with GRUNGE.
Moreover grunge style clothes not so expensive they are comfortable and durable.
I can’t say that after research I became big fan of that subculture but I like it and I think that it has a right to exist." 

"Grunge fashion can be seen as just another anti-fashion - a trend brought into the mainstream by an over-indulged generation X backlashing against society. However, to me, original grunge epitomises the look people are still trying to achieve today - effortlessly cool. Even though it had short lived popularity as a subculture it has certainly imprinted itself into modern fashion in an interesting way. I grew up in the 90s listening to my older brother play grunge music like Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots, a genre which has a lot more substance than the mass-produced dance and RnB that fills our charts today, its a shame that we don't have a subculture that's on par with grunge today." Julia